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MJM FX King Buzz Fuzz Guitar Pedal - FREE 2 Day Delivery  
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1d 5h 49m
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MJM Guitar FX London Fuzz Guitar Pedal  
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MJM Guitar FX Roctavios Octave Fuzz Guitar Effect Pedal  
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1d 15h 13m
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MJM London Fuzz  
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1d 15h 24m
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MJM 60s Vibe  
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1d 16h 38m
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MJM GUITAR FX LONDON FUZZ Guitar Effect Pedal Made in Quebec Canada  
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Pedal Auction: CATALINBREAD CB30 amp model overdrive pedal

Apr 24, 2015
CATALINBREAD CB30 amp model overdrive pedal Pedal Auction Description: This is one of the best AC30 style overdrive pedals out there. I enjoy playing through it, but I found something I want more, so I have to sell a few pedals. I'll probably buy another CB30 in the future. I actually own an AC30 clone amp, and I used this pedal in front of a smaller practice amp so that I could get the AC30 tone at lower volumes. I also planned to run this in front of my AC30 to basically get a second channel for dirty rhythm parts. I haven't played any gigs recently, so I didn't get a chance to test this idea. I already have other booster/overdrive pedals that I use for lead tones, but the CB30 would work great for that as well. There are reviews and demos of this pedal online, so if you're not familiar with Catalinbread's products, you should watch some of the videos. They make really good stuff. The pedal is built very well and is in excellent condition. Please ask all questions before bidding. I only accept Paypal.
Current Price: $116.50
Current Bids: 37
Location: Pearland, Texas
End Time: 04/24/15 16:49:23 PDT
View: View Auction
CATALINBREAD CB30 amp model overdrive pedal CATALINBREAD CB30 amp model overdrive pedal CATALINBREAD CB30 amp model overdrive pedal

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Pedal Auction: Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448

Apr 23, 2015
Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448 Pedal Auction Description: Earthquaker Devices Organizer - Epic sounding "organ tone" pedal, amazing polyphonic DSP pitch shifting and an all analog signal path give this unit's tone an organic feel, similar to the Tel Ray echo-verbs or a Vox Jaguar/Guitorgan. Great for comping chords in a trio, "kicking bass lines" or spitting out some crazy solo overtones, the controls are very wide ranging and can be super subtle of completely engulf your sound.  Only selling as I now have other effects that cover similar territory, my loss is your gain.  Low starting price, no reserve auction, CONUS shipping only.  Thanks of your interest, happy bidding!  
Current Price: $114.84
Current Bids: 10
Location: Santa Barbara, California
End Time: 04/25/15 17:07:16 PDT
View: View Auction
Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448 Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448 Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448 Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448 Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448
Earthquaker Devices Organizer Serial #448

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