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Pedal Auction: Fulltone Full-Drive 2 TR-100 TR100 Limted Edition RED RARE!!

Sep 02, 2014
Fulltone Full-Drive 2 TR-100 TR100 Limted Edition RED RARE!! Pedal Auction Description: Youare looking at a very rare Thomas Roberts version of the already great-soundingFulltone Full-Drive 2 pedal, often called the TR100 for short, as only 100 ofthese pedals were made, and were modeled after Thomas Roberts' favorite earlypre-FM model Full-Drive 2 pedals. Some say these sound no different than otherearly FD2's, but those may be the same people that have never owned one of the100 of these pedals produced, who knows, though a lot of people will say theseare head and shoulders above any of the FD2's made in the past eight or tenyears. This one is serial#7054 made in 06-2000 and is signed (as you can see inthe picture). If you are looking atthis, you probably already know how rare these are and how incredible theysound. From blues to full crunch, itdeserves the hype it gets! Thepedal is in perfect working condition and very good cosmetic condition withonly a small paint chip which can be seen on the right hand side of the pedal.The pedal does not come with its original box or manual. If you have anyquestions, please ask, and if you have zero or excessive negative feedback,please contact me prior to bidding or submitting an offer. Itemwill be packed very well and ship UPS to US, only. PayPal only, please.
Current Price: $208.95
Current Bids: 11
Location: Marietta, Pennsylvania
End Time: 09/06/14 06:44:46 PDT
View: View Auction
Fulltone Full-Drive 2 TR-100 TR100 Limted Edition RED RARE!! Fulltone Full-Drive 2 TR-100 TR100 Limted Edition RED RARE!! Fulltone Full-Drive 2 TR-100 TR100 Limted Edition RED RARE!!

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Pedal Auction: Working Maestro Echoplex from the 70s

Sep 01, 2014
Working Maestro Echoplex from the 70s Pedal Auction Description: I bought this Echoplex used in 1979. Not sure if it's an EP 3 or 4. It was then used occasionally on the road during the next three years in a country band and not used again until a couple of recording sessions in 2003 and 2004. It was serviced around this time. It has always worked well in the few times I've called upon it. I wouldn't sell it, but I have a tiny recording space and need to free up every corner at this time. Watch for a couple of nice instruments I'll be selling soon.There are the following cosmetic issues. Plastic handle is missing, one screw missing on the side of the unit, no footswitch, two thumb screws with Phillips screws, tolex has a little wear, paper schematic is stained and has my name and the updated telephone number for contacting Echoplex (i.e. the number was probably current in 1980) written on it in ink. The schmatic, plastic handle, thumb screws, and little metal corner protectors show up on eBay all the time if you're into aesthetics.Otherwise, the motor seems strong. The new tape that went on at some point in the past couple of decades has very little time on it. Payment is Paypal and expected within 48 hours of auction close. Shipping is UPS ground. If you have zero or negative feedback, contact me before bidding. International buyers are fine, but you are responsible for any extra shipping fees, tariffs, VAT and the like. Thanks for looking. I don't think I can add anything to what's here, but feel free to write if you have a question. On Aug-27-14 at 15:41:47 PDT, seller added the following information:Additionally, one international buyer wrote to ask if I could relist without this Global Shipping option, which he claimed was overpriced. I tried, but eBay apparently will not let me take it out at this point. Apologies. It's only the second time I've tried using it, and, in the first case, a few days ago, the French buyer seems to be balking at paying for the item he won, so maybe there's something to the complaint. As for this auction, I should warn all outside the US that I'm stuck with the Global Shipping Option.
Current Price: $335.00
Current Bids: 11
Location: Littleton, Colorado
End Time: 09/02/14 11:49:50 PDT
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Working Maestro Echoplex from the 70s Working Maestro Echoplex from the 70s

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