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Barber Compact Tone Press - Brand New - Auth Dealer - Cheap Priority Shipping!  
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Barber 1/2 Gainer, Low Overdrive Pedal, Great Pedal #23415  
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Barber Trifecta Fuzz - Version 2  
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MINT Clark Gainster Overdrive Distortion Effects Pedal by Barber Electronics  
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Barber Trifecta Fuzz - BRAND SPANKIN' NEW  
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Barber Electronics Dirty Bomb Distortion Guitar Effect Pedal  
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Pedal Auction: Strymon Deco

Jul 04, 2015
Strymon Deco Pedal Auction Description: Like new with original box and paperwork. Let me know if you have any questions. Its approximately 3 months old. I love it but it's got to go. Need the $$. Thanks for looking.  
Current Price: $265.00
Current Bids: 18
Location: Greenville, Rhode Island
End Time: 07/04/15 15:34:50 PDT
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Pedal Auction: BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station"

Jul 03, 2015
BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station" Pedal Auction Description: Selling a "BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper" Loop Station! Boxed with the Loop station and power/charger 1 spot visual sound adaptor! I am also including a FREE cable to connect your instrument to the loop station! So you DON"T have to pay extra!!! And begin to record, and jam as soon as your station arrives!! It is in perfect condition!! You will be buying it like if its brand NEW for a GREAT DEAL! Many artists like Ed Sheeran record and perform with Loop stations like this one! Great Deal. I am Selling this beautiful Loop Staiton at a STARTING bid of $160!!!!NOTE:Buying this loop staiton at a retail store or guitar center will run about over $300.. with no cable for your instrument to connect too. Its sold separately. So you're getting a GREAT DEAL HERE!! Note: I am selling this item because I don't have any use for it anymore! It is in great care and perfect condition! Will add in instructions so you can learn and record with the amazing loop station. It is great for LIVE performances, and recording in your home, or at a studio! If you are interested in this amazing deal, and an artist or musician wanted to expand your talent! bid now! Thank you.
Current Price: $202.50
Current Bids: 13
Location: Norwalk, Iowa
End Time: 07/04/15 20:15:21 PDT
View: View Auction
BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station" BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station" BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station" BOSS RC-30 Dual Track Looper "Loop Station"

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