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Pedal Auction: Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Preamp pedal

Nov 25, 2014
Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Preamp pedal Pedal Auction Description: The V-Twin pedal is pretty much a full-function two-channel tube guitar preamp in a pedal form factor. Under the retro-chrome are two dual-triode tubes, and they can be driven or over-driven to taste.One wrinkle is that, in a sense, the two channels are actually three: "solo" (overdriven), and "clean", which gives you a choice of clean-clean (very moderate gain) and "blues-clean" (an intermediate gain). There is also a bypass mode.Tone, gain, presence, and master output controls, it can be set for external channel select and bypass, and can output to headphones, power amps, and guitar amps.This isn't an overdrive pedal -- it's a full fiunction preamp in a very small package. I used to toss it in my bag when I knew I was going to be using house sound or someone else's amp.
Current Price: $224.50
Current Bids: 21
Location: Oakland, California
End Time: 11/28/14 11:31:49 PDT
View: View Auction
Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Preamp pedal Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Preamp pedal Mesa/Boogie V-Twin Preamp pedal

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Pedal Auction: Boss RC-300 Loop Station Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

Nov 24, 2014
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Pedal Auction Description: Get Up to 3 Hours of Live Looping with Real-Time FX!Are you serious about looping? You will be once you've gotten your hands and feet on the Boss RC-300 Loop Station Pedal. Offering up to three hours of internal recording, this fantastic looper will have you jamming forever with three synchronized stereo tracks, real-time effects, a master expression pedal, an ultra-wide pedalboard, and much more. The RC-300 will be your go-to looping pedal, no matter what instrument you play; you can create loops by plugging in a guitar, bass, or keyboard, or even connect a microphone to the phantom-powered XLR input and loop with percussion, stringed instruments, your voice -- you name it. Powerful programmable effects like the polyphonic transpose function keep every looping performance interesting and exciting, while USB connectivity makes it easy to back up loops externally, add new loops, or stream audio to a computer. The Boss RC-300 has everything you could want for hours of looping fun.Triple Stereo LoopsThis Loop Station gives live musicians control over three simultaneous stereo tracks, each with its own set of dedicated volume knobs and transport-control footswitches. Getting started with the RC-300 is easy and straightforward. When you want to capture a song idea fast, use the Auto Recording feature, which starts recording the moment you begin playing your instrument or as soon as you start a connected audio player. Count-In mode provides a bar of rhythm before recording starts, and the Undo/Redo function lets you edit as you play. For instant jamming, tap in to the RC-300's preloaded audio backing tracks (bass tracks, piano tracks, and more).Expanded PedalboardThanks to its extra-wide pedalboard and oversized footswitches, you won't have to tiptoe around the RC-300. It sports an Expression pedal that can be assigned to a variety of parameters, enlarged footswitches for controlling Record/Play and Stop for each track, and a master All Start/Stop footswitch. Three independent faders provide immediate control of each track's output volume. If you need even more to step on, you have the option to connect your own external expression pedals and footswitches.Loaded with FXSixteen onboard effects allow you to process your tracks and external input signals with Transpose, Flanger, Phaser, Modulator, vocal effects, and more. To activate a certain effect, all you have to do is hit a dedicated Loop FX footswitch. And with the expression pedal, you get hands-free control over the effects parameters in real time. Apply the effects to any single track as well as to the entire mix -- it's up to you.Stay On the Beat with Built-In RhythmsBetter than a click track, the looper pedal has an onboard drum machine, so you can play along with rhythm patterns in the RC-300's sound library as you record. Choose from 83 rhythm types covering a range of genres, including rock, pop, and Latin. You can adjust rhythm volume with the turn of a knob, set the tempo incrementally, or set it via tap tempo. When you save a phrase, the rhythm type and time signature will also be saved. It's no big deal if you get slightly off the beat -- use the Loop Quantize feature to keep your recordings looped in time.Convenient ConnectionsThe USB port provides a handy way to back up loops externally, import and export WAV files between your computer and the RC-300, stream audio to a computer, and more. An XLR input complete with phantom power allows singers, percussionists, violinists, beatboxers, or anyone with a miked instrument to perform with the looper pedal. MIDI Sync allows an external device to control the tempo of the RC-300.Features:- Up to 3 hours of internal recording and 99 onboard memories - 3 Stereo tracks, each with their own dedicated footswitches and controls - Dedicated fader per track for control of each track's output volume - Expression pedal for effects control in real time - 16 Onboard effects optimized for looping - Loop Quantize function ensures perfect loops every time - Onboard drum machine helps keep you in rhythm - XLR microphone input with phantom power for connecting miked instruments - USB input lets you save loops externally stream audio to a computer, or import/export WAV files - MIDI Sync synchronizes all your effects and loop controls
Current Price: $355.00
Current Bids: 17
Location: Arrington, Tennessee
End Time: Expired
View: View Auction
Boss RC-300 Loop Station Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Boss RC-300 Loop Station Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

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