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New PedalworX Cactus Crunch Guitar Effect Pedal - New Old Stock  
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PedalworX Cool Machine Wah / Auto   
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Pedalworx Dirty Angel Overdrive Effects Pedal Made in USA  

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More About Fat Tone Guitars

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Fat Tone Guitars

On the web: Visit Site
eBay Store: Fat Tone Guitars
Fat Tone Guitars -- About Us
Great Effect Pedals, Guitars, Basses and Amps

At Fat Tone Guitars, we love guitars, amps and effects. We are always on the lookout for new gear to bring to our customers--gear that sounds great and gear that we know our customers will love. We pride ourselves in having the best selection of guitar and bass effect pedals in the Chicago area and the web. Our lineup of stompboxes includes the best of what's new and the best of what's tried and true. We constantly talk with our customers to learn what makes their tone. And we are constantly scouring the web and attending tradeshows to learn about what's hot. Then we deliver.

We also carry a wide array of vintage and pre-owned gear. Check our website often to see what's arrived. And if you are interested in trading up for some hot new guitar or amp, give us a call as we are always looking to trade.

Fat Tone also has a full service department. In additional to setups, we repair electric and acoustic guitars and tube amps--both new and vintage. In addition to repairs, we also perform mods and upgrades on guitars and amps. From pickups to electronics; from tube replacement to cap jobs.

Online orders placed with us are usually shipped within 24 hours. Customers with special orders or who order out-of-stock items are kept advised of their order status. Orders of $199 or more and most effect pedals qualify for free UPS ground shipping (with occasional exceptions) in the continental USA. No sales tax is charged on products shipped outside of Illinois.

When in Chicago, come visit the Fat Tone Guitars showroom, located in Northbrook, IL. Our showroom consists of over 1000 sf--with a private pedal demo area for customers to check out what's hot and what's cool.

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