Akai Headrush analogman chorus analogman sunface Behringer PB600 big muff bk butler Boomerang Boss BF-2 boss CE-2 boss CS-2 Boss DD-5 boss DD-6 BOss Delay Boss Digital Dimension Chorus Boss Dimension C Boss DM-2 Boss EH-2 boss fz-2 boss gt-5 Boss HR-2 boss ns-2 boss oc-2 boss od-1 Boss OS-2 boss Ph-1r Boss PH-2 Boss PS-2 boss rc-2 Boss RV-2 boss RV-3 Boss Tu-2 boss v wah boss vb-2 Budda BudWah Budda Wah byoc chicago chicago iron Crowther Audio Hot Cake digitech digitech PDS 1002 Discumboblulator DOD Flanger DOD FX13 DOD FX90 dod Gonkulator dod octaplus Echodrive Echoplex Expandora flanger foxrox fulltone octafuzz fuzz fuzzface george dennis grind fuzz Guyatone delay guyatone sv-2 ibanez ad9 Ibanez CP-835 ibanez de7 Ibanez FZ7 Fuzz ibanez pd7 joyo klon Klon Centaur korg Lovepedal Kalamazoo Lovepedal Les Lius marshall bluesbreaker Marshall Guv'nor marshall rf-1 Memory man MICA Fuzz Mini mooer moog mf104 mutron wah mxr mc402 mxr Uni-Vibe overdrive pearl od pete cornish ross compressor Skreddy Screwdriver sovtek sovtek big muff Spaceman strymon t-rex replica tech21 timmy tone bender triangle vibe Visual Sound H2O volume pedal Vox Phaser Xotic EP Booster


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Since 1994, The Music Zoo has been a destination for musicians around New York City. Our commitment to personalized service, groundbreaking custom instruments, and low prices have made us the first choice for players around the world as well. We stock and ship guitars, amps, basses, and parts and accessories from dozens of major and boutique manufacturers. We know that buying a guitar or amp is a very personal decision. You're in the right place. The Music Zoo's staff is legendary for their hands-on knowledge of gear and will be sure that you are 100% satisfied with your experience.

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