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Pedal Auction: Analogman - Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man XO Delay Pedal

Aug 22, 2012
Analogman - Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man XO Delay Pedal Pedal Auction Description: Analogman-modified Electro Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man XO. This pedal was purchased new from Analogman, and includes the full set of modifications (specifically, the 'gain reduction' mod, the 'input impedance' mod, and the 'extra delay time' mod).Great classic-sounding analog delay with notable improvements from Analogman. This pedal is made with high quality NOS chips. Features include a chorus/vibrato switch to offer tonal variety and modulation effects, as well as a direct out jack for effects loops.This pedal has been very lightly used and is in excellent condition. It was originally purchased for $385. Willing to sacrifice for $295. The custom 24v power supply is included, and I am offering free shipping. *For ruther information regarding the modifications, please read the following description from the Analogman website:XO Deluxe Memory Man In May of 2009, the XO dmm was released and the classic model was gone. The ones we have been getting in 2009 have four MN3008 chips in them. This is in a smaller die-cast box instead of the classic large bent sheet metal box. It's about the same circuit and sound as the previous DMM, true bypass, uses the same 24V power supply. It has the same issues as below so our Tweaks will improve it. We can do the same three tweaks to the XO DMM. Delay time slight tweak The DMM does not usually come with the delay time as long as it should be. We can tweak the deluxe memory man to about 500mS or so if you need just a bit more than the stock one has (our delay time slight tweak).Input Impedance increase tweak The DMM, when on, has a slightly dull tone even on the dry sound due to a low input impedance. That is like putting a volume pot on your guitar that is too low of a value. We can tweak the input impedance for a clearer tone. This mod helps both the WET and DRY tone when the pedal is ON. Makes no difference when off (true bypass). It is a trimpot so you can adjust it if needed. If you run your guitar directly into the DMM you can really hear the dullness, set the mix knob to full dry (no delay) and turn the pedal on and off to hear the change in dry tone. If you have buffers or other pedals turned on before the DMM, the low impedance of the DMM may not be hurting your tone much.Gain reduction tweak We can reduce the gain for less distortion on the DMM if you are having overloading problems due to hitting it with a hot signal. This is also a trimpot, if you turn it down too much you may lose the ability to self-oscillate. But at our marked setting the gain is reduced enough to sound good and still allows self-ocsillating repeats. It is $40 for any combination of these three tweaks on a new or used reissue DMM. The older reissue classic DMM pedals had a power cord attached, we can mod those too. They usually say PICO on the circuit boards, to distinguish them from original DMM pedals.
Current Price: $232.50
Current Bids: 15
Location: Missoula, MT
End Time: Expired
View: View Auction

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