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Pedal Auction: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2, Guitar Effects Power Supply

Mar 22, 2013
Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2, Guitar Effects Power Supply Pedal Auction Description: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 in perfect condition. Was used only a handful of times in a clean, smoke-free home studio. Includes some extra power connector cables (see photos). Though not pictured, will ship with AC IEC power cable. Thanks!Manufacturer Description:Filter, regulate, isolate, and protect! Pedal Power 2 does it, and does it well, because any less will degrade your pedal's performance. Players everywhere upgrade to Pedal Power 2 because it powers what conventional power supplies can't. Pedal Power 2 is hand made in the U.S.A., comes complete with cables, detachable AC power cord, a 5-year warranty, and simply makes you sound better.More Than Fixing Ground LoopsGround loops cause hum, and the solution is to break the unwanted ground path. Isolation is the best way to do it. Unlike other power supplies, Pedal Power 2 isolates every output. This eliminates tone robbing interaction between units. Now you can properly power everything from vintage overdrives to modern digital marvels that others just can't.Proprietary Balanced TransformerA typical transformer, like those used in a wall wart, creates a large magnetic field that causes hum in any audio path near it. Pedal Power 2 uses a custom designed, ultra-low noise toroidal transformer, with separate balanced windings for every output. Now even the most sensitive pedals can be dead quiet.Switching power supplies aren't for everything.What's good for charging a cell phone is NOT good for your pedals. While digital switching power supplies are small and inexpensive, they also generate unpredictable transients and extraneous noise. Pedal Power 2 uses an audiophile quality linear supply for consistently stable, clean, pure power.Specifications:120V 60Hz (North America) 100V 60Hz (Japan) / 230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Australia)5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors center negative Eight 9VDC 100mA regulatedFour selectable to 12.3V (Boss ACA)Two selectable to 200mA (Line6)Two adjustable sag 4 to 9V Short circuit protected.6" wide x 3.4" deep x 1.75" tall (152x86x45mm) Weight 2 lbs. (0.9 kg).Toroidal power transformer. Auxiliary AC outlet, 200 watts max.
Current Price: $102.50
Current Bids: 10
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
End Time: Expired
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