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Pedal Auction: DigiTech Whammy V

Mar 12, 2013
DigiTech Whammy V Pedal Auction Description: DIGITECH WHAMMY V Pedal(This pedal is practically brand has been used in a studio setting two times, and put back in its box..itis in NMINT condition; no marks or surface scratches & in perfect working order, of course.) The 5th Generation Whammy offer's DigiTech's latest pitch shifting technology, classic Whammy pitchbending effects, and true bypass operation for both guitar and bass. The added Classic/Chords switch togglesbetween single note and chordal Whammy modes, providing rock solid pitch shifting effects.The Whammy interface features the same legacy Whammy pitch bending options you're accustomed toalong with some additional pitch bend settings from the Whammy DT.Features:* Whammy Pitch Bending Effects*Classic Whammy Interface*Classic/Chords Switch*True Bypass Operation*MIDI In for Remote Control of Whammy Effects*Included Power SupplyIncluded Items:*Whammy Pedal*Power Supply*Owner's ManualSHIPS TO U.S. ONLY
Current Price: $107.50
Current Bids: 13
Location: San Carlos, California
End Time: Expired
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