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Pedal Auction: D*A*M DAM SUPER BEE germanium fuzz pedal RARE color NEW

Jun 27, 2011
D*A*M DAM SUPER BEE germanium fuzz pedal RARE color NEW Pedal Auction Description: Brand new D*A*M Super Bee germanium fuzz pedal. Huge 60's fuzz sound, enormous gain! Very rare pedal in even more rare Psycho Lime finish. One Mullard OC71 and one Mullard OC76 transistor. I have owned many D*A*M pedals and in my opinion, the Super Bee is among the absolute best David Main has ever produced. There is no better pedal for vintage germanium, high-gain fuzz...PERIOD! You will not be disappointed! I have two. I am keeping one and selling my spare, which is box-new in mint condition with all papers, etc. Flat rate shipping of $8 within continental U.S. International buyers must contact me before bidding. Thanks for looking! NO RESERVE I am liquidating a portion of my enormous collection of vintage and boutique fuzz pedals over the next few days, so please see my other auctions. All pedals being offered are CHOICE!On Jun-21-11 at 15:23:11 PDT, seller added the following information:Aa an added note of interest BRIDGET BISHOP was the first "witch" executed during the Salem witch trials in 1692. Well, Bridget, this one's for you! Cool factor of at least 9.7 I'd say.
Current Price: $300.00
Current Bids: 13
Location: Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
End Time: Expired
View: View Auction

READ About Bidding on this Pedal Auction HERE


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