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Pedal Auction: DigiTech JamMan Looper Guitar Effect Pedal

May 31, 2011
DigiTech JamMan Looper Guitar Effect Pedal Pedal Auction Description: Original box and power supply included. Great Condition.If you're familiar with Lexicon's JamMan audio looping systemintroduced in 1994, you know that it has become quite a cult item andis still sought after around the world. Originally developed by BobSellon for Lexicon, after an idea originated by Les Paul using analogtape, the JamMan was discontinued in 1997. Now, in partnership withDigitech, the JamMan phrase sampler/looper is back in pedal form andbetter than ever. Designed for the performing vocalist and musicianusing CompactFlash memory and a dual footswitch interface, the DigitechJamMan Looper pedal is capable of creating seamless loops withvirtually infinite overdub capability. Input audio can be frominstrument, microphone, or line-level audio sources. Up to 99 loops canbe saved onto a CompactFlash card, which can be removed and transferredto a PC for archiving. Store 3 hours of looping time on the includedCompactFlash card. An optional 3-button footswitch can be connected forremote loop access and reverse functions. Record your own loops andoverdub them on the fly, in the studio or onstage. Pop out the memorycard and transfer your loops to and from your computer or DAW. Load upthe JamMan with a drum track, bass line, and vocal and becomes a band in a box. Slow down a song withoutchanging pitch to master that tricky riff. With the DigiTech JamMan inyour bag of tricks, the possibilities are literally endless.Digitech JamMan Features:Removeable CompactFlash Type 1 Memory3 hour loop time with included 1GB CompactFlash cardUSB connectionRecords up to 99 loopsCycle through loops using the Select knob or optional footswitchXLR, 1/4", 1/8" connections for a microphone, guitar, amplifier, CD player and moreCD-quality 44.1kHz sampling rateTwo wide-spaced foot switches.Create repeating or single-use phrasesDual 7-segment displayMetronome with multiple rhythm sounds and time signaturesThree selectable stop modesRugged metal chassisAutomatic RecordingLoop ProtectionPower Supply Included
Current Price: $137.50
Current Bids: 20
Location: Lititz, PA
End Time: Expired
View: View Auction

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