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Pedal Auction: Vintage 70s Electro Harmonix Echoflanger - Rare

Mar 25, 2011
Vintage 70s Electro Harmonix Echoflanger -  Rare Pedal Auction Description: The Legendary Electro-Harmonix Echoflanger.This extremely rare and coveted device sounds as amazing today as it did when I personally bought it in the mid 70s.If this pedal could talk (and it almost can!) it would tell you stories about the original stage at CBGBs, the long flight of stairs at Max's Kansas City, and midnight sessions at the fabled Vanguard studios. It's got scars from Maxwell's in Hoboken, The Rat in Boston, The Dirt Club in Bloomfield, New Jersey and the studios of WFMU.This legendary pedal eventually gave way to today's less-worshipped Polychorus. It's been said that Kurt Cobain's already-vintage Echoflanger played a significant role in recording the Nirvana album In Utero, and that his onstage signal chain alternately featured both devices.Samples: If you'd like to hear it in action, I've recorded it at various settings and posted a brief clip on my web site: For a sample of this very pedal recorded live, visit Click on Track 6 : "Instant This, Instant That".Condition: Like I said, this tough old veteran works great to this day.Cosmetics: It's over 30 years old. It's been through a lot. It ain't Justin Bieber -- it's Keith Richards. The case is pretty worn and scratched up. But it's not dirty. I cleaned it well with Windex and Bestine Rubber Cement Thinner. I soaked the knobs in a vinegar solution and scrubbed them with a toothbrush. In other words, it's cosmetically beat up but it's not disgusting.This is a completely original specimen other than a recently-replaced stomp switch - which is a good thing, because that's the part that usually craps out. The replacement is a high-quality Jim Dunlop switch.The original rubber feet were removed so I could attach the unit flat on my effects board. I have replaced the rubber feet with 4 self-adhesive cushioned pads.If for any reason you are not satisfied with this device, I will refund your purchase price. You pay shipping back to me, please.NOTE to international bidders : Currently we are listing the shipping as USPS Priority Mail International, but we can talk about it. If you win, let's discuss the best way to ship it to your location.
Current Price: $150.00
Current Bids: 17
Location: New Jersey
End Time: Expired
View: View Auction

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